Joss Stone

“To ask when I first heard Silent Night is like asking ‘When did you first breath
in and out?
’ ”

What a lovely interview and recording we had with the amazing Joss Stone! Calling herself a real christmas addict, it was a pure joy listening to her thoughts and jokes at the Germano Studios in New York, where she also recorded a Silent Night version for the movie!


Kelly Clarkson

“Silent Night transcends the lyrics, it
transcends the music. The whole vibe
of the song... it’s the melody!”

It starts quietly with a solo singer of the ViennaBoys Choir then the Mozarteum Orchestra, Kelly and the whole Vienna Boys Choir set in one by one and show us that this simple song can have a lot of power!
Orchestrated by the fantastic William Ross!

Vienna Boys Choir Screenshot.jpg
Clarkson Cutout.png


“Silent Night is deeply linked with
christianity, but to me the song
belongs to humanity!”

A definite highlight of the movie! Anggun enchants the audience with two wonderful versions of Silent Night both acoustic in french and orchestrated by Rob Eckland in Indonesian.


Silent Night – A Song for the World is a musical film  documentary about the creation and cultural  impact of the world’s most famous Christmas carol, composed in 1818 in Salzburg. In fact, the song Silent Night caused a Christmas ceasefire in World War I. Over the last 100 years the song has been translated into 140 languages including Bing Crosby’s version which is the third best-selling single of all time. In short the film tells the story of Silent Night with new recordings by global stars in different languages.

Narrated by:

Hugh Bonneville


Kelly Clarkson, Joss Stone, John Rhys-Davies, David Foster, Josh Groban, The Vienna Boys Choir, Anggun, Lina Makhoul, The Tenors, Rolando Villazón and many more.

Christmas 2020

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